Это я так, чисто теоретически.
Absentmindedly, Milly watched a tall blond man being tackled to the dusty ground by various children as she waited for Meryl. All of them had blithe, comical grins plastered onto their faces as well as smudges of dirt. It made them look cheerful.
Then, she felt something tug at her skirt.
"Miss Milly?"
The child pointed at the struggling blond, trying not to laugh.
"He's crazy, isn't he? That's what mom said!"
Smiling for Meryl, Milly gave the small girl a fond ruffle of her hair.
"Well, just think of it this way—you've got half his genes, dear."

:gigi: В характере!

"I am the elusive Mayfly known as love -OW!" A derringer bounced off Vash's head.
"That's a dumb comparison," Knives grumbled. "Mayflies don't eat. They only live for a few day and die after...uh... " Ugh, better not mention the mating part.
"Anyway, at the rate you gorge yourself, you're still a nymph."
"I'm not a girl!" Vash protested.
"Idiot, a 'nymph' is the juvenile stage of a mayfly. They live for years and are omnivorous- they'll l eat anything."
"Extended immaturity, eats everything in sight," Meryl sighed. "That's Vash, all right."
Millie frowned. "So...does that make Meryl a nymphomaniac?'
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